Why self-learning is important as a developer

December 12, 2020

by Jackson kitsao

self learning

Let's start by defining what self learning is in General

In broad context “Self study/learning is a process by which individuals take the initiative, with or without the assistance of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying human and material resources for learning, and evaluating learning outcomes”. what is self learning

In plain terms Self-studying is a learning method where you get to direct your own studying without direct supervision

Why self learning is important

As a developer or an aspiring one you will quickly find out that you constantly need to learn new skills and keep up with the trend, also gain more knowledge that you can use as an edge for future opportunities. Learning also helps you as a developer to understand deeply some of the aspects of languages and technologies you have been using for years and that you hadn't realized yet.

As a developer whose gone through both the selft taught method, college and recently bootcamp i higly suggest taking the self learning path

lets have a look at why thats important

  • It is a Stress-Free Process

    There is no pressure to learn the required content within a certain time, You choose what you want to learn when you want to learn, and how you want to learn. The overall outcome is an internalization of content and this is why self-taught developers tend to internalize and become good at what they learn, more than those who take part in directed learning i.e college and bootcamps

  • Self teaching drives Curiosity

    A neurological study has shown that curiosity makes our brains more receptive for learning, and that as we learn, we enjoy the sensation of learning. It's no secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. This, therefore, means that you will be motivated to learn and you will get to acquire much more knowledge when the drive comes from within than from outside sources. It becomes an adventure and your capabilities are expanded each time you successfully learn something new.

  • You Get to Choose What to learn and how you learn it

    Weather its YouTube tutorials, Udemy courses, books, or other modes of learning that are at your disposal when you decide to learn. With all these modes of learning within your reach, you get to choose one that suits you best and one that you find most engaging. You don’t have to stick to one mode of learning just because it is what is available. This makes it easy for you to understand certain topics and concepts Because you get to learn at your own Pace

  • Its fun and Meaningful

    From my expirience i found out that teaching yourself a certain concept can be really fun because you have a clear purpose of why you are learning and the information gained is often relevant, making it meaningful. Additionally, you are inclined to search deeper information about a topic since you are not just learning for the sake of learning. Learning now has a purpose and is enjoyable, leading to good and meaningful results.

Self Learning can be difficult and challenging at times

exhausted person

In my expirience teaching yourself anything can be difficult,challenging, draining and quite a lonely

Self-learning requires lots of discipline and can be challenging at times. If you are the person who gets distracted easily you may have a hard time teaching yourself, but i believe with the right determination and discipline almost anyone can Learn anything by themselves You have to be ready to learn and take on challenges by yourself.

Dont forget to always keep yourself motivated with the right reason of why you started Learning in the first place. When your learning make your goals clear, you will be able to evaluate your progress and whether you have gained any knowledge and this sets the stage for a fruitful learning process. The beauty of self-driven learning is that you are not limited to a specific way of learning. The availability of different tools also gives you the chance to learn the same subject from different angles, which makes it easier to grasp the main subject matter.

If you are just starting out You can find resources here that will help you learn :

"When you’re just getting started exploring the world of tech, having the right programming tools for beginners makes a world of difference. You want coding resources that make it easy and fun to learn the skills you want—not dry, incomprehensible teaching that you can barely wrap your head around." Top Coding Resources and Tools for Beginners (+ Beyond)


If you are a developer or you are in the process of becoming one, you'll certainly notice that you almost always have to update or refine your skills to keep up with the changes developing the ability to teach yourself new skills without direct supervision at your own pace with your own methods of choosing I believe is a key advantage to succeed in this field in the long run.